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Audio / Dani Lebron

Photo: Marcel Veldman

In 1998, via La La Land, Daniel Lebron –with a little help from the Fernandez brothers (Alfonso and Jesus)– introduced the skateboard world, sometimes a bit unadventurous in terms of music, especially around those times, to flamenco… Because the three Madrileños, even as illegals in Los Angeles pursuing their american dream, were never ashamed (and rightfully so) of their roots and culture. Since, very few things have changed: Dani and Jesus are still practicing the art of stylish ledge tricks, and Monsieur Lebron, himself, has stepped up from fan to practitioner, doing way more then just carrying a guitar along his travels. Flamenco, after actually studying it, he plays it all day every day, even at spots: the best thing about benches is that they are multi-function!. This is why it seemed more than logic to ask him for a selection that could serve as an introduction to a genre, as rich as it can be varied, to a completely incompetent public: us!
Let's note that, on the other end, Jesus was recently rewarded for his skating abilities by a Gypsy Kings track in Pretty Sweet, which should have resulted in a Spain / Gringo Land diplomatic incident…
A big thank you to Dani for expanding our musical horizons, and extending the summer with a selection as flamboyant as he can be!

Benjamin Deberdt

(A major thanks to Sébastien Charlot for the tech support on this one!)

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