Bigger Spin / EP 016 - Jérémie Daclin

Jérémie Daclin is another of those names anyone even remotely familiar with skateboarding and its scene (not just French, but global) should be familiar with, along with the classic style and character he's commonly associated with. Notably the founder of Cliché Skateboards then Film Trucks, he contributed to put Europe on the map back when it was still foreign to a California-centric perspective, and had the clue to sponsor certain undeniable talents such as Lucas Puig, Jan Kliewer or Pontus Alv at key momen ts, in between various trips of the unprecedented type and constant displays of effort to help the general status of the French sponsored skater gain in credibility.

Jérémie was recently the guest on the French skate podcast Big Spin by Sébastien Charlot and Arnaud Dedieu; an opportunity for him to cover his background as a skateboarder, then as an entrepreneur. His adventure started out with the skateshop All Access, then Cliché in 1997 and Film in 2018. Throughout those experiences, G.G. remembers and recounts many a trip, encounter, clip and industry-related matter: collaborating with photographers, managing a team, skating with Mark Gonzales, witnessing ups and downs and keeping skating fun past forty years young.

The French audio of the interview is available above and now, here's the complementary Bigger Spin article on LIVE - business as usual!


Film Trucks

Jérémie's new brand, and the first European truck company - the roster of which already counts Jarne Verbruggen and Léo Valls as pros.


The golden ratio

Something about proportion in construction, be it a physical object or an image. Using this ratio, we dabble in mathematics and stuff which in turns results in aesthetical harmony. It's that simple.


Thrash Max / Maxence Duhamel

A Paris skater from the late eighties who used to skate between the Eiffel Tower's Bassins and Fontaine des Innocents with a panel of tech tricks, done with a certain salt.

Quite discreet, he was.

Still, he provided G.G. with a roof when the former went out to Paris to skate the Bassins for the first time.


Gorge du Loup

Marble banks - a Lyon spot that's seen and suffered the wheels of many a visitor throughout the years.

It's all gone as of recently - but the photos and memories are staying.

Frontside blunt.


Jean-Marc Vaissette

Still into skateboarding distribution to this day, he was a pro back in the eighties and, just like every freestyler of the time period (please do Google search "freestyle skating"), he made his way over to the other side of the mirror.

He sponsored G.G. with Tracker trucks and Blockhead boards.


3615 SKATE

The Minitel was the French ancestor of the Internet.

Pages that would take minutes to load, all in black and white, with some occasional info: a complete revolution.

A skate service was available, which felt like entering the Matrix.


Yoan Stavo-Debauge

Another Lyon skater,  who used to session with Jérémie.

He would appear in magazines under the nickname Big Nose, and had quite the Big Pop.

According to the Internets, he's a sociologist nowadays, and on the left page in the visual above.


La Piste

A little skatepark in Lyon that saw the likes of J.B. Gillet and many others grow up, back in the days. There was a huge miniramp there and, according to Alexander Wise, the locals were amazing.


Fabrice Le Mao

A pioneer of skate journalism in France, he's since moved onto the American Dream, officially. As soon as 1990, Fabrice and G.G. went to California.


Les vidéos américaines

Skate footage of Jérémie can be spotted in videos from as early as the nineties.

Blockhead, Tracker and New Deal - same deal every time: one day, one filmer, one G.G. part.


Death Box, Plan D & Brooklyn Board

Death Box was the U.K. board company that would later turn into Flip Skateboards; the other one was French, and originated by Lee of Snowbeach, Paris.

Brooklyn Board was a confidential project from Brooklyn that once issued a model for Jérémie, drawn by Mark Gonzales.


All Access

A line of mythical skateshops from Switzerland - and Jérémie got to open the Lyon one, eons ago.

Like, back when Ralph Lauren and boat jackets were in.


Mark Gonzales in Lyon

We bring it up all the time.

Anyway, his stuff once caught on fire at Jérémie's flat...


The Cliché ad in the very first issue of SuGaR

SuGaR is the top French print magazine, sold in kiosks, that is now on its twenty first year of existence.

The first issue also saw the first ever Cliché ad, featuring Jérémie's switch frontside five-o in Montpellier, shot by Alexis Zavialoff.

The beginning of great things.



G.G. never once failed to come through regarding original ideas and concepts for trips - which, in this case, resulted in one of the most beautiful SuGaR covers ever.

Javier Mendizabal, backside nosegrind.


"Europa" & "Bon Appétit"

The Cliché video "Europa" was made by Ben Derenne, and also one of the first bricks in the wall of Europe in the house of worldwide skateboarding.

It introduced J.J. Rousseau, Vincent Bressol, Nicolas Caron (watch his part) and a young Pontus Alv, ready to start his career anew.

"Bon Appétit" was made by Fred Mortagne, and a certain Lucas Puig got curtains.



French skate shoes, and a brand ran by Salomon.

A couple of models did come out, but the adventure stopped short.

J.B. Gillet and Lucas then moved onto Lakai, and became the French Connection.


Slappin' U.S.A.

For the past three years, G.G. and his friends have been going to the U.S. just to have slappy sessions with the Fellows Union Curb Club on mazes of red-painted curbs, as soon as eight in the morning.


Alban's questions

The Foch 50-50 and the Vassivière bowl pivot to fakie are the two tricks G.G. has his fondest memories of.

The latter, because of how much he ended up liking the photo.


The timeless skatepark Jérémie chooses to remember is Guy Mariano's in "Mouse", for both the tricks and the soundtrack.

The skater who's forever here to stay, according Jérémie, would be Mark Gonzales.


Slappy contest announcement

A promising, fun little event scheduled for the 14th (or 15th in case of rain) of September at Venice Lyon - come have some great times, and meet unique people!


See you soon for more things Big Spin!





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