Color Fools / White Fool / Marc Leblanc

Who would have been better to kick start the project than Marc Leblanc, with the White Fool part? An old friend of Julien, the mind behind Color Fools, he still managed to film a full part on white spots only, despite an heavy schedule… In terms of motivation, he is quite up there. About Marc, Julien told us that: "He is the guy that does the most nose manuals I know… He's tech and hates no-comply's but still has a couple in his part. He's not a Fool for nothing! He films better than anyone with a VX, way better than I do, actually… He's been living in Annecy for about ten years, and is the one of us that traveled the less, since he's got a wife, a kid, and also travels the world to film George Clooney for his company. Seriously!" Marc is quite the boss, let's say it!

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