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Hear Rob Mentov tell you a bit more on the Toronto / Detroit connection, and his Free Doom project, to be premiered tomorrow exclusively on Live:

“Detroit is a 4-hour drive from Toronto and, yet, its infrastructure is completely inverted. It has everything you want in a city in terms of street skating: minimal security, amazing spots and a good skate culture.
Through Isaac, at Love Skateboards, we were put in touch with a bunch of solid dudes from the Detroit scene. Because of people like Jim Tumey and Justin Bohl, it was super easy to just hop in a car or bus and just go skate the city for even a few days.
Our goal in with this trip was to put together a short clip that involved the Street Feet guys from Toronto, as well as the Detroit homies out here. We also met up with Ryan Kehrer to work on a Love Skateboards short film.
Overall it was a really good few days, and we are super thankful for extended friends and the connections made through skateboarding. Shout out to all the Detroit guys, Street Feet crew, Love skateboards family and Live Skateboard Media.”

Look out for Street Feet future projects through here, and over there.

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