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There is a chance (albeit slim!) that some of our French readers might have, indirectly, interacted with Pierre Patissou before; over a decade ago, more specifically, back when he was a regular on the infamous Plus2Sport message boards, under the screen name "Dramatique"... Well, his tangible self now resides in Bordeaux, and has been for some time; a situation he's been putting to good use, as he is just now releasing "Doomed Tapes", a video he has spent most of the past two years making. And of course, it's packed with the usual Bordeaux heads, as well as a healthy pack of lesser-seen faces! What better occasion than this, to get the 5W's rolling?

LIVE Skateboard Media: Where are you from and did you use to live, before moving to Bordeaux?

Pierre Patissou: I'm originally from La Rochelle; I moved to Bordeaux back in 2013. The La Rochelle skate scene pretty much consists in a spot called l'espace Encan, which is a large area comprising ledges, stairs and flatground. No real skatepark there to this day, although the local non-profil organization has been working with the council to try and to get a project for one off the ground, but the resulting skatepark - if any - might only get built sometime within the next few years at least...

LSM: What was it that drove you to move out?

Pierre: Originally it was the whole college and girlfriend kind of deal, plus I already had many of my friends here and last but not least, Bordeaux is just perfect for skateboarding.

Masaki Ui hereby demonstrating how perfect Bordeaux is for skateboarding.

LSM: Since when have you been a VX-1000 user (abuser...)?

Pierre: About a year ago as soon as I simultaneously got my hands on a VX-1000 and a TRV-900. I really prefer the VX-1000, although it's possible to put the TRV-900 to great use as well, like Pacôme Gabrillagues used to with Rennes-Skate [then the full-length video "Crosswalk", NDLR]. The fish-eye lenses are pretty much the same, although word on the streets is that one really shouldn't mix both types of footage...

LSM: How did you end up filming skateboarding?

Pierre: By just buying the cameras, giving them a try then really getting into the process. I had seen people film VX before but it always looked so tedious to me; so I thought that would never be for me, but eventually it grew on me.

LSM: Who has been helping you learn your way around the camera in order to make this video?

Pierre: My friends in general have been really helpful, mostly Yoan Taillandier when I was still figuring out the basics of the camera; then some other friends were kind enough to share their editing techniques with me, so when the VX eventually died I knew I had to make something out of all these clips! My homies Phil Denaes, Stephane Feugas and Romain Jagueneau have been of great help too, with the visuals; and Noah Sterlinger also helped me transfer some of our earlier tapes using a capturing device that fixed the occasional camera glitches, which proved to be super useful.

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