The Rocky Aurora Show

"Signal From The Aurora" is a new independent full-length skate video from Poland, handcrafted over the past two years by local duo Jan Mioduchowski and Wojtek Sobecki. As the local tradition suggests, quite a handful of dirty, rugged spots are on the menu (redundant tastes of ours aside, honestly, just watch the intro here), as well as a side dish of grey tint - from the skies to the buildings continuously scrolling past in the backgrounds. A visual style that is commonly exemplified by the popular "Grey Area" productions by Kuba Kaczmarczyk and his younger recruits, that he himself inherited from Pontus Alv - "Strongest Of The Strange"-era, years before Polar. And Pontus originally borrowed his fonts from Woody Allen, too - but now we're only getting sidetracked towards Sweden...

The soundtrack is in harmony with the chaos of this mishmash of improvised spots, some of the most Polish cellar doors the planet ever bore, divergently peaceful B-roll and the occasional close-up round fish-eye lens hit; which takes us on a journey towards Eastern Europe, one of the mental kind for most, but not to all, as a few French and Spanish heads were also caught on tape whilst paying Warsaw physical visits. The sheer number of skateboarders and the energy stemming from them are reminiscent of the effervescence of any passionate scene out there, and one is bound to start appreciating everybody's individual style and trick selection from part to part quite early into the viewing. Generally, despite its amateurism by definition, the production is finely crafted and in addition to the wild urban skating, also features a variety of other styles with quite the spoonful of transition skating, with a mild taste of D.I.Y - comprising footage at Wilanowska Skatepark (renovated thanks to Kingpin and Burn a few years back) and at Szaber Bowl, an initiative narrated here by visionary Marcin "Baca" Duch, who also happens to close the video with some improbable transfer to blunt maneuver.

A rad scene video that might even inspire you so much, you might start missing wintertime tones already!

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