Soy Panday / tetrahedron

Photos: Benjamin Deberdt

Four triangles will form a tetrahedron… What a better way to to study your geometry than finding out what tickles Soy Panday at the moment?
Illustrated by a recent mural he painted in Paris…

 Benjamin Deberdt

Three illustrators
Brecht Evans
Aleksi Cavaillez
Gustav Klimt "Even if illustrator wouldn't be the right word for him…"

Three albums
Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days
Gravenhurst Flashlight season
Booba Temps Mort

Three Movies
La Jetée (The Pier)
The Big Lebowski
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Trois skateurs
Koichiro Uehara
Leo Valls
Vivien Feil
Jimmy Lannon "I know, that makes four!"

 Benjamin Deberdt

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