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Stefan Janoski, the now quite elusive; strong of some of the most untouchable skateboarding footage earlier this millenium, and a signature shoe that ended up taking off to comparable levels of popularity, the man himself never went missing - yet numerous are those wondering where he might be at, these days. Well, Paris was the place just TWO weekS AGO, and we used the opportunity to catch up with Stefan, and subject him to the 5W's treatment as to maybe answer some questions of yours!

If his shoe is now ten years old, his switch flip at the Dôme spot is about twenty! ph: Benjamin Deberdt

LIVE Skateboard Media: So, what have you been up to, lately? We haven’t heard much about you…

Stefan Janoski: Lately, I have been skating and traveling. I’ve had a few projects in the works… My wife and I started a pool float company called Crucifloat, it's the most relaxing, functional pool float in the shape of a cross. Originally, it was an idea I made into a bronze sculpture. You can check it out at I also made a short film/music video titled “God I Need a Girlfriend” which you can check on I’m always making art, mostly sculptures and paintings, and always playing, writing, and recording music.

LSM: Where do you live actually, nowadays?

SJ: We have been in Los Angeles and Miami, lately. A common day for me would be, if I didn’t have previous obligations: wake up, read for an hour or two, go to the skatepark with Biebel, sculpt, paint, draw, play music, cook, watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race, hang out with Jessica and our animals. Sleep… Not necessarily in that order!

LSM: When did you realize your shoe was going to what it ended up being, as in an iconic silhouette, way outside of skateboarding?

SJ: I didn’t realize it until it happened! I thought the shoe looked great and skated amazing and I loved it the since the first sample, but I didn’t plan or expect it to become iconic.

LSM: Who gets you excited about skateboarding these days? Do you even keep up with what’s going on?

SJ: Just going skating keeps me excited these days… I like skating the park at home, and I have fun going on trips around the world to skate. I keep up pretty well, I watch videos on the Internet. Some people I like right now are Youness, Blake Carpenter, Rowan Zorilla, Austyn Gillette, Brandon Biebel, Ishod, Jacopo Carozzi and Donovan Piscopo.

LSM: Why should a kid pick up skateboarding nowadays? Why should he fall in love with it? Why did you back in your days, actually?

SJ: I think a kid should pick up a skateboard, first of all, to see if it is something they like. If it is, then I think skateboarding is an extremely fun, creative, exciting, challenging and rewarding activity, that can be done by anyone, almost anywhere, alone or with friends.

I think the reason I fell in love with skateboarding was simply the fun of skating and learning tricks, also the individuality of only needing you and your board…

Modern days hurricane… ph: Ryan Flynn
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