Théo Moga x Hugo Bernatas / PREMIERE

French Vendôme native, Lyon-based Hugo Bernatas is a prolific, independent skate filmer who regularly floods this or that online channel with his productions, and has been for a long time already. 

His new output is a web clip featuring a young Théo Moga whose skateboarding you might already have caught a glimpse of, recently, in "B(ee)r", the independent full-length video from Montpellier by Bastien Regeste (arguably the closest equivalent to "Fully Flared" in this country and time).

Now here, in the span of two black-and-white minutes, Théo reinterprets some of the most classic spots the capital of Gaul is timelessly notorious for putting on display, and of course makes sure to tune them to the tone of the latest update of iOS that day.

Ph.: Hugo Bernatas

Hugo recounts:

"This little part really came together organically since Théo is always down to skate and film. It really just naturally happened.
Moreover, besides Popular Skateshop in Montpellier, Théo has no sponsor; I guess that drove me to film a little piece with him, to demonstrate his talent.
Hereby attached, a few visuals of a publication I'm releasing, of photos shot on film only; one can DM me on Instagram for a copy." - Hugo Bernatas


Paul Jame. Ph.: Léon Piazza
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