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Word on the streets of the world have told us that most of Zoo York’s skaters have been recently “let go”, since the new owners of the New York based company don’t see the point of having skateboarders involved anymore… For many people that grew up on Mixtape, it reflects on a time where most things have gone sour, and for a younger generation this still leaves us with the question of where those skilled representatives are going to end.
We certainly don’t have all the answers, yet, but we thought we could probe Zered Bassett on his state of mind at the moment, and also get the story behind his about to drop UXA —quite the quintessential NYC family affair with the likes of Jeff Pang, Peter Bici and Peter Huynh at behind the wheel— guest board…
Stay tuned, this is only the beginning.

Zered Bassett, gap to switch frontside lipslide

Gap to switch lipslide. Photo: Jonathan Mehring

What goes through your mind when you leave a company you've been on for over 10 years?
In my case, excitement, freedom, motivation and new opportunities.

Why chose to team up with UXA for a guest board?
Always looked up to the guys involved. They know what they are doing and they are skateboarders. I have known them all for well over ten years and I still look up to them. They have always been giving me good advice, and had my back.

When is the Vicious Circle sequel dropping?
We have just now started filming for Vicious Sequel. I'd like to say end of 2013, but it may take longer. I’m not really trying to rush anything, because good things take time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would love to have my own company of some sort. Skating hard and enjoying life!

Who did you skate with today?
I skated with my best buds Lurker Lou, Eli Reed, Steve Nardone, Jon Newport and some other homies…

You can pre-order Zered’s board .
And learn more about UXA, here.

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