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Audio / Pontus Alv

Photo: Benjamin Deberdt

Mister Alv must account amongst the skaters that is the least scared of one of the biggest taboo in our little world: work! He is more the type to rejoice while facing another late night to hammer down all that makes for one of the most exciting board brand of the moment (for a couple years, already!), while wondering at what time he should wake up the next morning in order to get to work on his next full-length, do some concrete work on a spot just to keep sane and still find the time for a quick sesh with the Polar design team…
So, it only made sense to ask Pontus for a music selection based on “work”. So, before preparing more more coffee, and getting back to work, have a look at the selection he found time to hand write us, and don't forget to click on the player!

(A major thanks to Sébastien Charlot for the tech support on this one!)

Click, and dig!

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