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With the imminent approach of this new season comes Swedish ledge wizard and longtime ambassador of the three stripes Günes Özdogan's turn to duly earn his first pro model on Magenta Skateboards. A knighting celebrated as expected with the complementary digital drop of 'BENIM', a new clip in which Günes once again doesn't fail to demonstrate his trademark complete indifference when it comes to his own supposed stance, or the optimal flip trick to lock into given positions onto whichever object. Jasper Lindgren mostly filmed and edited, although one can find Makke Bengtsson in the list of guest filmers and, as far as guest skaters are concerned, well... Let's say the roster should keep you entertained - and that's till the tech eventually reaches its paramount!

PREMIERE / Danny Fuenzalida / GREY AREA "Neverwhere" / Kuba Kaczmarczyk / INTERVIEW

Kuba Kaczmarczyk is the epitome of your ideal local O.G. head: forty-two years strong, he's been spending half of those sweating it behind the lens, documenting uprising regional talent throughout the generations and supporting the scene in his home country of Poland by many a means - all the while being caught up in work tasks aplenty, family life and the whole adult realm. His previous full-length "Grey Area" was an underground hit a few years ago, packed to the brim with unique aesthetics and raw Polish street skateboarding; its recent sequel, "Neverwhere", only carries its predecessor's torch to higher levels as it successfully perpetuates that identity, throws new faces into the mix and takes the whole concept to a new stage. It even comes packaged with an ounce of sunshine as, as though to boost everybody's serotonin levels, plenty of Miami footage ended up finding its way onto Kuba's timeline, including a whole, highly improbable, brand new Danny Fuenzalida section! LIVE Skateboard Media is stoked to present it to you today, along with the following words from the author himself he was even kind enough to deliver to us - to you.

Memory screen

Our homie Blake Myers recently spent a week at David Stenström's, in order to learn about the rather enigmatic character… Not sure he found all the answers he was looking for, but one thing is for sure: the kid really is a natural on his board!

The L.A. boys

After the world famous Trocadero and Manhattan, the Polar dudes headed to the city where it, allegedly, all started, Los Angeles. It even look like Cali turned them all tanned and… blond? Must be the combined sun and sand effect… Surf's up!


This is the best documentary ever done on skateboarding, or even better on the individuals that practice it… No product placement, no brand to push, just four stories, way closer to your than you might think. Finally viewable onine, and a MUST-WATCH! A great work by Flo Schneider

Public Service Announcement

Yep, "I like it here inside my mind. Don't wake me this time.", in full, for all to share, here!

Polar gang

Final part of the independent project Tredje Akten, and a good occasion to watch the whole line-up rip in all its diversity…

Charles' tip: Making of Polar's Manhattan Days

"Great stuff!" And a nice illustration of the fact that showcasing the "fun" side of skateboarding sometimes takes a bit of sweat and tears…

Jake & Alv

We all knew Jake Johnson had spent a good part of the summer in Malmö with mister Alv, and the whole world had since been wondering that those two might have been up to, since… Well, they wallied their little hearts out together, that's what they did, and as you would expect, they didn't necessarily chose the easiest spots!

Manhattan days

Once again, Pontus Alv reminds us all the real point of skateboarding, which is getting out the house to meet the homies! Here, with a background of smoking manholes and perfect to slappy metal curbs, a New York landscape as real as it can a fantasy… While avoiding the clichés that the city often inspires. Another success to Pontus' credit, and a great teaser for that future Kevin Rodrigues part we are all waiting for!

Charles' tip: Aaron Herrington!

"Looks like Josh Stewart just gave up to the internet pirates… Aaron best part by far, until now. Might as well watch it on Theories account, before scooping the DVD!"

Audio / Pontus Alv

If you are not on holidays, yet, well, this one is for you!


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