Fred Mortagne and Flo Mirtain suck!

Let’s keep investigating Megamix, with a few words with Fred and Flo on their collaboration for the project. More than the part of a skater filmed and edited by someone else, this one is a short, resulting in cooperation with equal inputs from all, between creative minds. We can’t wait to see it!


Photo: Nikwen

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

First time you heard about the other?
When he arrived in Lyon, and started to wreck shop! “Ohhh, he did that? And that too!? Hmmmm…”
Flo: I think the first time I heard of Fred was when I was a kid, watching the videos he had done… Like Menikmati, Sorry, Bon Appétit

First time you did meet?
Don’t count on my shitty memory!
Flo: Well, I’m not positive, but I’d say when we did the intro for my Clé part for Cliché. Fred was with us. We were supposed to film it at a Coming Soon concert, and as he was filming them for their video clips and all, he helped us with that.

I believe Flo came up with the concept for this project and contacted you, Fred?
Oh, no, it was far more complicated than that. I was more or less aware of some ideas they had for their own video with “Bist” [Vincent Jugnet, Ed’s Note] and Nikwen… Including the one we used. I thought it was a great one, and was pushing them to do it. In the end, it seemed fit to do it for Megamix, so the ex-Chill magazine dudes called me up to produce it… But, it was a group effort. We all added our little touches. Especially the ex-Chill guys, as always, that did such a great preparation job. It’s so cool to work with them, everything is thought about, in every detail, they are 100% in the project, for the project.

The best part about working together on something that is not a classic skate part?
It’s so refreshing, and it confirmed that skaters have way more to offer than just tricks… And, on that one, Flo was so on it, which was cool. Completely dedicated to the project, always ready and motivated from beginning to the end, even if it wasn’t all easy… I had some hard-drive troubles, we lost some images, and had to re-do them, spending more time on it, in the cold… But Flo was on it, despite a recent injury. I can’t thank him enough for his dedication.
Flo: It’s totally different from a part. When you film skating, one does a trick, and thither films it, and that’s it. When, there, we were working together. And, it’s a nice change, I learn a lot of things on how you get such a project completed.

Le skate, c'est nul.

The other’s strongest point?
He’s open minded, therefore not stupid!
Flo: He does things to the fullest, never hurries things. As long as he hasn’t got where he wanted, he’ll keep at it…

Weakest point?
When he’s “wacked”! Yep, I’ve been learning some new slang in the process! [Laughter]
Flo: He needs to buy a new hard-drive, so we don’t have to re-do a full week of work next time…

Without giving it away, one hint on the short?
It really sucks!
Flo: Skateboarding sucks…

While waiting for the online premiere of Megamix (tomorrow, Tuesday December 18th, 21h30 French time), let’s watch again the part that got those two together for the first time:

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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