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Occasionally, Uncle Sam will take a closer look at the old continent and that's when this type of production might ensue; although in this particular case, it only makes logical sense that Lyon's trademark plaza spot H.D.V. was picked as the place to showcase the reliability of Venture trucks - notably on technical, complicated ledge-based prowess. So here, for two minutes, we nearly get transported back in the days of J.B. Gillet and Fred Mortagne's historic duo except today, it's Flo MirtainAlex Maison and Jesse Moine who are putting on a show, for Vincent Jugnet's VX-1000. All this to illustrate and promote a new Venture x H.D.V. collab, hitting the best French skateshops soon.


At NB#, if the team is more than serious, one can also feel the desire to push the visual boundaries, and this new edit pushes a little further Russell Houghten's experimentations, once again, without reaching bad taste territory… One will also note a rather in the zone Brandon Westgate!


If there should only be one… Asselin, also, yeah, OK.

Hot stuff

Always ready for the dance-floor, that Flo! And he's got all the right moves!

Dat mixtape ya need!

And that's that!

Swiss knife

This street only section from this summer's tour of Europe underlines the multi-function of the DVS team as a whole, to the point where one can wonder what kind of spot would leave them completely dry… Sure, on a wet mega-ramp, Daewon might have to tighten his trucks a little, but that would still count, right? Apart from that, let's note the improbable trick Luis Tolentino decided to get on that long, long ledge in Milano!

Home Sweet Home

Let's just say it: traveling through the hemispheres for the craziest trick does not necessarily make for something interesting… Flo Mirtain is here at his best. ”What else?", as they say in the non-sustainable coffee business…


Until now, La Paz was more known for its biggest DIY skatepark in the world, but Karsten Kleppan and Flo Mirtain took upon exploring the streets of the city –as well as more arid areas– under the digital eye of Boris Proust. This makes for a great new episode of the Nokia Pureviews series, mixing the joy of exploration with straight ripping, as expected from such young men…

Boris in Togo

Getting the scoop on Boris Proust recent trip to Togo, a back to his roots sort of adventure… And an exclusive interview.


For the Nokia Pureviews series, Boris Proust heads back home, to the Togo he grew up in, as a child! He took two buddies that aren't afraid to rip, and were more than able to adapt to the local streets: Maxime Geronzi and Flo Mirtain. Yep, they did skate! Now this is a nice trip, that makes you whish you were tagging along. This should get you inspired, if you're already looking into escaping the winter, one way or another…

Texas rangers

A city that you don't really hear much about and team known for its diversity, and also a certain Daewon: you can't go wrong. When this ends up with a stack of Luis Tolentino footage, and some really good Flo Mirtain, you're off to a good start of the day!


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