Graham Thoms "En Limbo" / PREMIERE

The most assiduous (or Parisian) elements of LIVE's audience will most likely feel at home at the simple mention of Graham Thoms' name - originally from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., the man picked the French capital as his new official residency some years ago already now, as though to better import the colors of Uprise Skateshop.

With filmer Corey Henderson, their mutual hobby is work - but not just of any kind: "Trabajando" is the code name for their family operation, the extension of which transcends national borders all the way till Barcelona, and has been for many a year and video production now. LIVE already introduced you to two parts from "TRABAJANDO 4" here alongside an interview with the duo; and while the full video is still available from the best-connected skateshops or via Palomino in home-burned DVD form, the entirety of Corey's latest local montage "OUT OF THE LOOP" can still be watched here.

Backside nosegrind, Paris, 2020. Ph.: Stéphane Gauvry

So as far as today, what's up? Well, we're talking the continuation of Graham's skate peregrinations ever since he set up camp on the old continent for good. Again, Corey is behind the editing, and also the filming with contributions from Jimmy Cholley of Trois CCD, Deric Esparza and Matthias Ellinger. Lotso' Paris lines, bearing witness to Graham's ease as he develops solid familiarity for spots now local to him (although he's really been skating most of them since 2005), paired up with some fine Chicago clips to rep his roots and loop the Loop.

Switch backside flip up, Paris, 2007. Ph.: Adam "Bonesaw" Egre

His relocation was a big moment for Graham, after all as seven years later, he's still digesting the experience, unable to stop taking it all in; a new French reality that he exploits by obsessively haunting each and every Paris spot possible, as though in the perpetual quest for an endless partition of benches to dot with his own notes from back home.

Switch backside tailslide, Paris, 2014. Ph.: Yoann Kim
"EN LIMBO" is now LIVE and to be appreciated as the slice of life of a U.S. cousin that it really is! For proof, Graham felt like going for a TransWorld check out type of format to express himself, which explains the segment below - including some commentary straight from Florentin Marfaing. Qualité !


Hometown: Chicago

Current home: Paris

Age: 33

Started skating in: 1990

Sponsors: Nike SB

Favorite sessions: Missions and plazas


"The very first time I met Graham, I could sense the good vibes from him already! Always down to skate, regardless of the session style.
Much respect for moving from Chicago to Paris - the immersion must have been tough, thankfully he's the very positive and resourceful type who doesn't shy from asking questions in foreign situations, so he quickly blended in and never just stalled there in Paris without doing anything! Speaking French with him is tight, he has his own home accent!
He's also a joy to have around on the sessions, always joking around and then he's also a very tech skater, very street-oriented!
I hope to see our Graham again soon as he's really quite the motivator, la crème de la crème and when it comes to living the life, he's not kidding around!
Big up G and hope to see you soon, mon ami" - Florentin Marfaing

Ph.: Trabajando
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