Lucas Puig, le remix!

You daydreamed about it, Live did it! Here is the part Lucas filmed for TWS, last year, spiced up, according to a recipe that may suits his tastes a bit better. Thanks to his buddy Hugo Campan’s magic…
Before letting you enjoy the result of Hugo’s hard work, we thought we would double check on how well do they know each other!

Photo and interview: Benjamin Deberdt

 Benjamin Deberdt

Lucas about Hugo:
First time you heard about him?
He was a little kid, really cute with his long hair, and super motivated. He must have been 15.
First time you actually met?
That must have been Place de l’Europe, with the twins, Amine and Reda Taoussi…
The trick you would like to steal from him?
His backside 360.
His favorite band or musician?
Voices of Black.
His favorite movie.
Die Hard.
His favorite skateboarder.
Alex Olson.
His favorite video?
Yeah Right.
Your latest sesh together?
In Toulouse, at the skatepark.
Last time you spoke?
Yesterday, on Facebook, as he is in Strasbourg now.
What did you prefer about the remix?
The music, with all the little bits Hugo added.
Hugo about Lucas:
First time you heard about Lucas?
I was little, beginning to skate, around 2001. He was a myth, people were speaking about him as this kid that had a mean style, skated at a crazy level and was wearing 5 panel hats… Already! The young hipster of today better recognize! The rest did not disappoint…
First time you met him?
I’m not sure, maybe at this one metal skatepark, during a contest. Or Place de l’Europe, a really wide and empty plaza in the center of the city. The older guys would bring obstacles and we would skate with them. It’s always hard to remember fist encounters.
A trick you’d like to steal from him?
A lot of people would kill for his style and level. The badness of his back smith, or his back tail, or all his switchstance tricks. But that wouldn’t make any sense. The cool thing is that it is his trademark, that’s his Made In France, so I’ll leave it to him, as he’ll do it better than me, anyway. Me, I was dreaming of straight ollies and grinds on really long flat bars, while pushing really fast, New-York artist style! [Laughter] Shit…
His favorite band or musician?
The legends of 90’s hip-hop: Notorious, Tupac, Wu-Tang… Then, the French rap legends: Scred Connexion, NTM, IAM, Oxmo Puccino… Nowadays, it would be Asap Rocky. More or less young music that grew on the streets with style. And he skates like those guys rap, with violence, so that fits him.
His favorite movie?
I’d say some gangster ones, like Scarface, The Godfather or La Haine (Hate). Now that sounds very cliché!
His favorite skater?
There are a lot, mostly the Girl myths: Carroll, Gino, Keenan… The real ones! But, above all, I believe it’d be Guy Mariano.
His favorite video?
Probably all of the Girl and Chocolate ones, and most likely Guy Mariano in Mouse, or Keenan’s parts.
Your latest sesh together?
I can’t remember, maybe Toulouse, last time I went back during the holidays. At the Constructo skatepark. I do remember skating particularly bad that day!
Last time you spoke?
Ooh, that’s hard… I did send him a message saying it’d be great if we set something on fire for a video! It’s a surprise, I can’t tell you! But, he was game.
What did you enjoy most while working on the remix?
I wanted to do something very dynamic, and totally different from the original part. So I used that hip-hop song by this really hot girl that sings a bit like Lil’ Kim. I also wanted to tell a little story. So I called it “the lo$t tape” and added all those worn out VHS tape effects, as if you would have found that old tape copied and copied, with some insane tricks of Lucas just popping up. Then, I added some old rap video clips images to give it a structure, even if it was a weird one. Hip-hop is his culture, so I thought that it did fit.
It opens with that Biggie interview, where he explains that there is no need to copy your idols, and try to have the same style while having no personal content, because they already do it better than you ever could. You have to do things your way, and if you give that your best, it’ll pay off one day. To me, that’s what Lucas has done in skating. He had his inspirations that he transformed into a different skating. And now people love him because he’s different than your average US pro, while having nothing to envy them.

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