Hugo Campan

Bon anniversaire, Lucas!

Let's use the occasion to look back at one of the very first LIVE productions, a remix of his TWS part, chopped and screed hard by his buddy Hugo Campan… Wonder if that held well the passing of time?


We were recently having a talk with Romain Batard and Alexis Jamet, well, they are already back, but this time, they brought more or less every single one of their friends, including the ones visiting, like Chris Millic. You already know this is going to be in good hearted fun, while ripping nonetheless, "Rennes style" you could call it! This is close to perfect, actually…


It is official; Toulouse is the capitol of French skateboarding… With a local son of the caliber of Lucas Puig, they had some good base, but let’s list all the other pluses of the local scene:

Lucas Puig, le remix!

You daydreamed about it, Live did it! Here is the part Lucas filmed for TWS, last year, spiced up, according to a recipe that may suits his tastes a bit better. Thanks to his buddy Hugo Campan’s magic…

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