"MAGNUS" / Seoul

welcome to yet another New chapter in Zander Taketomo's photo book comprising still images of Magnus Bordewick in motion around the world whilst filming for the eponymous "Magnus": his latest web part (that just came out!) for Adidas, filmed and edited by Chris Mulhern.

Today is Sunday: let's give our senses some rest with a smaller selection of photos than what you might have got used to already. We're still going to Seoul, though; just for a very short stint, as the main purpose of the trip was to skate demos.

Although of course, that didn't stop Magnus from being productive in the streets, as the very last photo in the present gallery (and his performances in the edit itself) can attest!

"We did so much on this trip that the time went too fast!

The Korean barbecue is unbeatable and even though we didn't get to street skate that much, I could tell the city is packed with spots!

We got to skate what must be one of the best ledge spots in the world, right outside Seoul!"

Magnus Bordewick

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