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Marius Chanut is one flamboyant product of the Parisian suburbs, skates for Supreme and studies art history. He's also a photography enthusiast, and that's exactly what the recently established Galerie Bête, in the basement of Arrow and Beast, just so happens to be celebrating right now with the exhibition "TO FATHOM", on display till July 22nd. Marius also handicrafted a new zine for the event, of which fifty copies are made available. For the luckiest of you to browse through on the metro whilst on their way there, here's the following conversation we just had with him, 5W's style as usual!

LIVE Skateboard Media: So what happened first, in between skateboarding and photography?

Marius Chanut: Skateboarding first, and then photography.

"Black and white
highlights the truth,
whereas color
dresses it up"

LSM: Who inspires you to shoot?

MC: I'm inspired by the mundane: every day, we cross paths with people who seem normal at first, but then you watch everything surrounding that picture: the detail, the faces, the buildings with more perspective and realize how much of a fantasy world we really live in. So I think my biggest inspiration really is daily life.

LSM: When do you shoot?

MC: I just shoot whatever, whenever as long as it catches my eye.

LSM: Why black and white film?

MC: Film is because I usually am a very impatient creator and so, that forces me to slow things down. The black and white has to do with memory. We remember moments, emotions, actions and settings over the colors. And so, that's why: black and white highlights the truth, whereas color dresses it up.

LSM: Where is the show taking place?

MC : It's going down at Galerie Bête, hosted by Arrow and Beast Paris.

Ph.: Benjamin Deberdt


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