MEMENTO / Spot 01 - Stade du Ray / GALERIE

Well today, the duo is back and here to stay with "MEMENTO", a new project again with a focus on location, just of the decaying type this time around. Indeed, for this reoccurring column of theirs from now on, Florent and Fred will be coloring not just spaces still in use via the addition of external components, but mostly very specific corners sharing the common denominator of being incongruous per se, be it due to their construction or their current, more or less obsolete or disused state, and without the need of any big tweak.

"The abandon
is the occasion"

So the whole point is to venture into these uncommon fields and bring back some life to them, albeit an ephemeral one but duly documented by Fred on photography duties, while Florent skates.
So, let's commence this "MEMENTO" saga with a first edition introducing you to the now-gone stade du Ray in Nice, France, a historical stadium and former cultural landmark of the area, the recent desctruction of which didn't escape our buddies' skate spot-driven shared curiosity. One can still visit the place from one uncommon angle through the visual artefacts above, and Florent recounts:
"For this introduction to our peregrinations based on the discovery (or rediscovery) of abandoned or otherwise generally surprising spots, we're taking you to this former, famous Nice stadium frozen in its mid-demolition state.
A few months ago, after eighty-six years of service, this institution of a stadium disappeared, in favor of a brand new one - out in the suburbs.
But the original's central location in the city was one of its most remarkable particularities and, regardless of whether or not one is a tifoso, its local significance and regional legacy are worthy of respect.
Fred already knew the place well; he has spent a lot of time and energy there before, as a supporter but also behind his camera lens.
So after he noticed a breach in the fences, it was without a moment of hesitation that we went in and around the bulldozers, for one 'last stand'.
Between the crumbling seats and stairs, the dust and the sharp materials, the whole adventure really wasn't easy but still we managed to improvise some last spots, and just as many scary moments I guess.
Through these photos, one can see the press tribune (on the kickflip), the presidential tribune (on the tail drop), the entrance of the popular tribune (on the 360 flip) and then the field (on the ollie in).
We would have loved to skate the place is all its 'former glory' but, as you may notice with our next locations, the abandon is the occasion, in a way making us the flesh eaters of those otherwise forgotten zones as though to better keep their memories with us.
A skate-themed memento, really!" - Florent Théron


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