Parisii / le remix / Steve Malet

So, we keep claiming "not the same", but like everybody else, we got caught in chasing scoops and the latest Insta compilation, loosing track of our very own productions! Let's try to restore order, here, by –finally– putting online the Parisii remix! After its screening at MIMPI in Rio de Janeiro, it is now time to share this labor of love by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon, in collaboration with fellow skater Vincent Perrin for the soundtrack, starting with one of the most motivated skaters for the whole length of the project: monsieur Stephen Malet! Never shy of hammers, Steve is also the kind to adapt to any nook or cranny to pop on a deserted sidewalk. Which made him the ideal candidate to point a camera at, during the three years of incessant scavenging of Parisian streets. Enjoy!

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