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The endless journey of the good friends of Push Periodical made a stop recently in Paris, before heading towards Athens… You guessed that the crew did not waste too much time on famous spots, and did explore the back alleys and even the underbelly of both cities… And this is where Masaki Ui steals the show when it comes to "underground" spots!

8 ball!

We barely had time to recover from the seventh episode, that Romain Batard dazzles us with an eighth Giddy. And this time the cast that travels through the streets of Paris is even bigger than as usual. We even have the right to a little touch of romanticism that makes everything so harmonious. Add a rather serious featuring by Steve Malet!


Always a laugh, always different faces… Skating captured between Paris, Rennes, New York City and Barcelona that will make you ring your homies!

Giddy #2

Romain Batard is back with a new Giddy episode, at the same time Steve Malet is moving back to Paris. Talk about timing… Oh, and Hugo Maillard goes all the way to Brussels to invent the nosegrind shifty out! Seriously…

Parisii / le remix / Steve Malet

So, we keep claiming "not the same", but like everybody else, we got caught in chasing scoops and the latest Insta compilation, loosing track of our very own productions! Let's try to restore order, here, by –finally– putting online the Parisii remix! After its screening at MIMPI in Rio de Janeiro, it is now time to share this labor of love by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon, in collaboration with fellow skater Vincent Perrin for the soundtrack, starting with one of the most motivated skaters for the whole length of the project: monsieur Stephen Malet! Never shy of hammers, Steve is also the kind to adapt to any nook or cranny to pop on a deserted sidewalk. Which made him the ideal candidate to point a camera at, during the three years of incessant scavenging of Parisian streets. Enjoy!


Beware: you're in for a laugh or two! Romain Batard is known to be able to convey the explosive side of skateboarding, as well as its hilarious side, the way it is all interlaced in real life. His new full-length is in direct lineage of his precedent pieces, only with a wider spectrum of skaters, due to his recent move to Paris. Rebound confirms also a recent philosophical theory pointing out the fact that in French street skating, Hugo Maillard always steals the show, as he appears to have way more fun than anyone else, while steady killing it. This is gold, Jerry, gold!


You know the Street Feet heads, and our Canadian friends are back with a full length at the horizon, announced by this trailer mixing the usual suspects and some quality guests! Prepare for a solid dose of the street the way you like it, cooked and flavored through varied yet complementary techniques…

Parisii / XX

Last arrondissement of Paris, the XXth will actually be the last before last before last for Parisii! The exploration of the city keeps on, street by street, and even if it takes a bit of time, it is counterbalanced by some golden nuggets of spots! This area delivers some surprises on top of the downhill routes it is known for. Yes, the XXth has more to offer than the Père-Lachaise cemetery and Jim Morrison's grave! Get on board for a virtual session that might even get the locals to leave the République Plaza for once…
And remember, you can find all Parisii, since its beginning, here.

The dose…

Heroin skateboards is coming back with a full-length, and this time, they made it all High Definition! Yep, good shit!

Meeting… Stephen Malet!

After premiering Stephen's remix from the recent Heroin video, here is a little introduction to a so British Parisian…

De Paris / Premiere

One year of skating in Paris to flip through: that's the idea behind De Paris, in between almanac and "yearbook"… Tonight is the first time the book will be visible, but if you couldn't book a flight in time, we got you covered: Live is exclusively premiering the part edited by Guillaume Périmony for the launch. Unseen footage only, from locals and friends, and a good idea of the general vibe going on these days in the Parisian streets…

Stephen Malet "Video Nasty", le remix!

To celebrate another excuse to eat candy for vaguely religious and forgotten reasons, Heroin skateboards is giving us this remix of their Parisian rider, the one and only Stephen Malet! You know him from the Parisii series, where he is a fixture, but this will show you a wider array of his talents on a board. Another Live exclusive, while waiting for Stephen interview tomorrow!


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