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Kenta Okamoto, from Tokyo: LIVE has had the pleasure of sharing his works before, and some great local videos they are, most often pairing up remarkable urban skating from underrepresented rippers with rather dreamy soundtracks, in a style only made even more particular by his fondness for the less popular Sony VX-2000, which he actually puts to stellar use. Today, LIVE is presenting "PALE": Kenta's brand new twelve-minute film, his most ambitious one to date and for the occasion, we got to ask him a few questions regarding the process and intent, as to complete the picture. An exchange you're welcome to read, available in both English, French and Japanese (again thanks to the gracious help of our good friend Connor Kammerer), just below!

LIVE Skateboard Media: Hi Kenta! Could you please introduce yourself, and tell us the story of your background in skateboarding and skate filmmaking? Where are you from and where do you operate?

Kenta Okamoto: My name is Kenta Okamoto. I was born in Tokyo, and still reside and work in Tokyo; I have been skateboarding for six years, and into video production for two years.

I first got into video production thanks to the filmer of Uni Skateboard Shop in Kawagoe, Saitama, who one day gave me a Sony VX-2000 and a Century fisheye - for free!

From then on, I started using it to film and immediately fell in love with the process.

"If you're having fun
then you're going
to have style

Kenta Okamoto: 岡本健太です。
埼玉県川越市にあるuni skateboard shopのフィルマーの人からVX2000とcenturyのレンズをタダで貰いました!

LIVE Skateboard Media: So, today you are releasing your new eleven-minute video: "PALE". It is really well made in addition to comprising great skating; is there any background information you would like to share? How long have you been working on it? How did you choose the skateboarders involved in the project and was it a natural process, stylistic decisions, maybe a little of both? What would you say is the special element you are looking for, in the skateboarding which you film?

Kenta Okamoto: I first started working on "PALE" back in January, making it the longest time I've ever spent working on one video. A completely different process from dropping an edit every two months [laughs].

All the skaters in this video are cool! When I think of what kind of skaters I want to film, it's those who really enjoy skating. If you're having fun then you're going to have style skating.

Everyone in this video is the kind of skater I like to film, so the video is great!

"If you're particular about
the visual and audio details,
it's going to make for
a better video"

Kenta Okamoto: このビデオは1月から撮り出しました。

LIVE Skateboard Media: Your video montages always seem to have a dreamy vibe, partly thanks to the music you pick as the soundtrack. It contrasts with the usual, popular genres, and the chill pace results in a more contemplative type of viewing, really highlighting the skateboarding as poetry. Is there any ideal feeling you try to convey with such music on skate footage? How would you like to explain the process of the combination, what is it that makes a song work (or not) for you?

Kenta Okamoto: I have trouble with the music every time!

The cinematography and the sound are both so important.

I want people to be excited to watch my videos, and if you're particular about the visual and audio details, it's going to make for a better video.

So I'm really particular about those details. I use songs that I know for sure feel right.

Kenta Okamoto: 音は毎回映像作る時迷います!


LIVE Skateboard Media: Judging from your YouTube channel, you seem to favor using Sony VX cameras, is that correct? May you please explain this preference? Also, is the use of the VX-2000 (more specifically) a conscious choice, over the more popular VX-1000?

Kenta Okamoto: Well the VX-2000 was my first camera and I like it, so I keep using it like I've had for a long time.

I'd like to use the Sony VX-1000 too, but for some reason, it's always been the VX-2000 [laughs].

Kenta Okamoto: 初めて使ったカメラがVX2000でして、好きなのでずっと2000使ってます。

LIVE Skateboard Media: Thank you very much for your time, Kenta! Any shout outs, anyone you would like to thank or represent? Are you already filming more, or do you have new projects in mind for the future in general?

Kenta Okamoto: Thank you! Please stay tuned for more videos to come. I am indeed working on a new project already, which I want to drop this year. Thanks!

Kenta Okamoto: ありがとうございました!!


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