In addition to the always outstandingly creative, insanely rugged, against-all-odds excellent street skateboarding from the cream of the crop of Brazilian skateboarding, what we appreciate in Murilo Romão's frequent productions (the former ones we've introduced to you before, here) is his will, as a true filmmaker, to push the envelope of the medium of the skate video, and the spectrum of its language.

His works along with his collective Flanantes transcends the documentation of hard-hitting urban stunts (amongst other various reinterpretations of apparently quite hostile settings), by always placing it at the core of a given, coherent context.

"Who loses time gains space"

This time, it is the body of work of Italian architect Francesco Careri that caught his attention for long enough that he articulated his whole new full-length film around an idea that we'll let him go in depth about, below:

"Francesco Careri, in his classic book 'Walkscapes: walking as aesthetic practice', recounts the advantages of walking, drifting and how positive it can be to lose oneself; in so-called primitive cultures, the sedentary people who never drifted never become as great as the nomads. In the final sections of the book, he goes on about the city of Zonzo: an imaginary, metaphorical city within the city itself. The way I see it, we, skaters, are always in search of Zonzo, with our erratic movement. For "Zonzo", this new video by Flanantes, that concept inspired us to explore new areas of the city: peripheral zones, abandoned places, spaces in the midst of transformation both in regards of time and space; and what we practically discovered is that really, who loses time gains space." - Murilo Romão

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