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Lucky should be considered those who can already claim knowing the name of Antti Heikkinen, Finland-based filmmaker under the "ASPHALT JAZZ CLUB" nick and corresponding Vimeo page, and also, himself, a skateboarding magician pairing up intuitive creativity with a discreet profile, notably scheduled as featured in the upcoming "BORDEAUX EXPOSURE 3" but whose approach on the plank you can already witness in other local edits more or less affiliated with Magenta - as he's been spending some time with those guys, at the pace of his personal travels throughout the years.

And so today, Antti strikes back with a new project: "FUN CITY", which you can already follow on Instagram and peep this first video from, here. On the menu: thirteen minutes packed with unique spots and prowess with, amidst plenty of locals on fire, just so happens to include a certain Clément Chouleur! Now, about how this all came about, here's what Antti himself had to say:

"Where it all started.. Well, a few years ago, we were skating at the post office and, out of nowhere, we got these sample bags of brand new Fun City candies. Free candy, and called Fun City, can you imagine that? As both the name and candy were so good, it instantly clicked, and it was at that moment when we decided to start this new eponymous project - an idea from a bag of candy. It’s just good to have some little projects to mess around with and, as we do live in this fun city, it really was a match made in heaven. Then time went by, other little projects with catchy names were starting to happen and, eventually, "FUN CITY" was almost forgotten on my computer. For a minute, I was ready to just let it be and move on - but that would have been waste of everyone's time... So, to cherish the memories of those sweet times, I decided to get a grip and finish this little edit from those days." - Antti Heikkinen

And since we were just bringing up "BORDEAUX EXPOSURE 3", The No-Comply Network just dropped a new interview with Julien Januszkiewicz regarding this imminent new video, here!


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