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Portrait and interview: Benjamin Deberdt

 Benjamin Deberdt

Every day comes with its share of suck and its part of luck… Those are the experiences that shape us slowly, or way too quickly sometimes. Here is a feature to try to get real life answers from our favorite skateboarders.
Kenny Anderson is one those that gets respects from all types of skaters and all generations. Smooth, technical, but also able to tackle the roughest transition spot in the middle of South America, he will skate everywhere and look good doing it. Before, during and after that, he will be the nicest man of the session, without ever forgetting to enjoy it all for what is.
As he was in Paris for the latest Girl and Chocolate video-offering premiere, he kindly sat down to answer our questions.

Best thing about being one of the veterans in a project like Pretty Sweet?
I don’t think I can look at it as “best”, but it’s nice to have both ends. To be able to skate with Guy Mariano, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, and then have Raven Tershay, Stevie Perez… Different generations all together. That’s one good thing about it!

Worst thing about being a veteran, then?
Is there a worst? There’s nothing bad about it, it’s awesome! [Laughter]

Best place Pretty Sweet has taken you to?
I didn’t go on too many trips, but the one that stands out the most is the Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua trip. That was amazing.

Worst Pretty Sweet moment for you?
Hmm… We got into a lot of trouble in Panama. We all got taken to jail, with guns pointed at us, and got robbed. So, we decided to fight corruption! It kinda worked… Kinda… But we did the right thing.

Best part in Pretty Sweet, for you?
I don’t know, everyone is so good for what they do, and who they are. There is a best for each person, but for me the whole video is amazing. I don’t think I have a “best” in skateboarding, anyway…

Worst thing about trying to put out this caliber of video project in 2012?
I don’t know if there is a worst about that. Maybe, because everybody is living on the internet so much right now, but this one will be there in a month from now. Maybe because it is longer, also. It’s not a bad thing for me, but maybe for kids that are used to sit through smaller sections, they’re not used to sit through a full production with skits and all that. But you got to keep that alive! [Laughter]

Best memory from doing that Doors video?
Meeting John Densmore and Robby Krieger and hearing their stories, like how Krieger had a ramp in his backyard because his son skated, back in the seventies. They were telling stories about Jim Morrisson and living in Santa Monica, and the parties… It was like hanging out with the Doors, it was weird. [Laughter]

Worst thing about being a pro skater dad?
Being away from them… I travel a lot, and I love doing it, and love skating, but it doesn’t get easier. I try to put a max of how long I’m gone, but between Converse and this video, I felt like I traveled more this year. But sometimes, it’s better to just get away and skate, just eat, breathe, skate. That’s why I kick it with the Trunk Boys [Raven Tershay, Stevie Perez, Elijah Berle and Cory Kennedy, Ed’s Note]! [Laughter]

Best thing about being teammate with Jason Jessee?
Ha, his stories, man… His whole vibe is amazing! Off course, I grew up watching him, but he’s just a really cool person, and he’s actually way nicer than what you would think. Not that I imagined him being mean, but he’s just really cool. Actually, recently, in New York, we went skating the streets together, just cruising. It was awesome.

Worst place you woke up to this year?
Mentally, recently, waking up knowing that we only had days left for the video. I remember waking up, and calling Rick to know if we had till Saturday, as this spot I wanted to skate is a weekend spot. And he said: “We are handing the video in two days, you have one more day…”. So I went out and tried it one more time… Didn’t get it. Next video! [Laughter]

While we are waiting for Pretty Sweet’s release, let’s remind ourselves why Kenny Anderson has been making a mark for a while now, with his part from the Hot Chocolate video.

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