Kenny Anderson

Felipe Alert!

Heading out to Latin America, now, with a fine selection of the Cons heads, and they sure as hell tackle it all in style, as those guys have gotten us used to! Let's salute our personal favorite Felipe Oliveira, that plays home, here, but mostly plays to his very own tune, as he always does…


He is The Classiest Man in the World… No doubt.

A good chunk!

This week's "feel good movie"? Absolutely. Proof that getting back to the basics is, for Chocolate, the best option…

One Star World Tour

About six months on the roads, and a team stacked with styles and approaches completely different: that is one recipe that can't fail! The Converse One Star World Tour edit will not let you down, from pure street to visits to all kinds of parks, around the corner from you or on the other side of the planet! That will put you in the perfect mood for the week-end, whatever spots you had in mind for it!

Bang, bang!

Just to watch Sammy Bacca on that "flip out shit" mode!

Berlin Flashback

Let's head back to Berlin, where we verify that even on a "faux" spot, Kenny Anderson get a real touch of class! Oh, and happy birthday, Kenny!


Or, how to remind everybody, in one line, who's the don…


Nothing new here, apart from a couple clips you might have missed out here and there, but a reminder of a cold fact: Kenny Anderson is the classy-est man in the world, and it shouldn't be proved different in 2014!

A little public service announcement

You might not have register yet, but those three have decided to bring it back to the roots with their The Back Forty project, and this little message from them seems ideal to us to wish you a great new year full of sessions messing around with the homies!


Raymond Molinar doesn't let down his phone anymore, does he? The good thing is he does share his buddy footage with all of us! Knowing that the homies can count Heath Kirchart or Bert Wootton, one can only rejoice from his new addiction!

Fleeing forward

Skate videos with a plot, let's be frank here, have almost always ended in general embarrassment… So, a single part with a script sounded more than risky! UXA pulls it with more than a honorable mention, and Eli Reed reminds us –if you were slow enough to have forgotten– that he is a goddamn good skateboarder capable of many things, including gravity defying wallies to wallride!

The classiest man in the world!

Let's use this more than enjoyable bonus to go back to Kenny Anderson's experiences with Pretty Sweet


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