Bon appétit!

Make sure you're ready to eat now as "Lunch" is Krzysztof Godek's new audiovisual buffet; the Polish filmmaker indeed just dropped "Lunch", a full-length video he spent the last six years filming all around Europe, from his home to Spain but also France, the U.K. and Norway, to list a few destinations. It's all HD and brimming with over a hundred (!) unique styles whose owners are so numerous, their names are impossible to enumerate and our uninitiated, very Western European understanding of the concept of vowels certainly doesn't help - but they're all in the video description and, to drop a few internationally popular names, get ready for some remarkable performances by Magnus Bordewick, Michal Juras and Luka Pinto. Better served boiling hot!

Please stay in touch for more Polish new blood soon as we've been working with a follow-up on this recent article featuring Danny Fuenzalida's section in the Grey Area video "Neverwhere" next to an interview with its author: Kuba Kaczmarczyk. And you know, maybe something even fresher from Krzysztof, as soon as tomorrow, but what do we know?

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the filming of "Lunch"! All shot by Krzysztof.

Oh and by the way, Krzysztof is selling "Lunch" on a sixteen-gig USB key also comprising an a cappella version of the video - you just can't make that up.

Bartek Gorka, nosebonk in Wrocław.
Coffee break with Frank Skateboards and Luka in Malaga.

Konrad Kruzynski, beanplant in Warsaw.

Tomek Kotrych, wallie in Warsaw!
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