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Vladimir - for the obscure.

The black sheep has only been developing exponentially over its now nine years of existence, and so has been the attention it's received with, this year, an approximation of three hundred people showing up from the whole planet over to attend this local festival in Fažana, Croatia - a little Istrian port town with a loaded history, testimonies of which still stand under the form of monuments everywhere (currently ensuring a steady flow of tourism), and the sensibilities of the inhabitants.

What originally started out as a very local initiative consisting in video screenings at the local skatepark quickly outgrew that embryonic phase as its instigators, Nikola Racan (of 'Solsticij' full-length video underground fame) and the Skateboard klub August Šenoa locals grew to use modern communication tools to get further and further in touch with universally renowned skate artists and documentarists - whether in the photo or video field.

Bon appétit!

Make sure you're ready to eat now as "Lunch" is Krzysztof Godek's new audiovisual buffet; the Polish filmmaker indeed just dropped "Lunch", a full-length video he spent the last six years filming all around Europe, from his home to Spain but also France, the U.K. and Norway, to list a few destinations. It's all HD and brimming with over a hundred (!) unique styles whose owners are so numerous, their names are impossible to enumerate and our uninitiated, very Western European understanding of the concept of vowels certainly doesn't help - but they're all in the video description and, to drop a few internationally popular names, get ready for some remarkable performances by Magnus BordewickMichal Juras and Luka Pinto. Better served boiling hot!


Teddie is not just the first name of London O.G. and Long Live South Bank activist Greg Conroy's most recent offspring (congratulations again!); it doubles up as the title for George Toland's new full-length, filmed for Greg's collective: Serious Adult over the span of eleven months, from November 2017 to October 2018, when it got exported just in time for the latest edition of the constantly expanding (and bubbling) Vladimir Film Festival. The lads did send it hard, and not just on local turf either  as they also got footage whilst on trips to Marseille (France), Zaragoza (Spain) and Pula (Croatia). By no means a stranger to the VX-1000 by now, George's filming is incredible, and only sublimed by contributions from Rémi Luciani, Chris Williams and Luke Herb (when Tom Delion was in charge of the Super 8). "Teddie" hits like a brick you'd splatter over upon catching a London sidewalk crack, and is packed with a solid roster of stylers dominating some improvised playgrounds of quite the unpractical type with incredible ease!

Tom Delion, Jack Soden, Sebastian Lemus and Darwin all have individual sections, when the rest of the video is riddled with friendly appearances by Greg Conroy, Max Critchlow, George Booth-Cole, Chris Garcia, Lewis Bell, Graham Davies, Harry Turner, C.J. Sewell Gayle, Jorge de Torres, Sam Earl, Mikey Prentice, Joe Coward, Elliott Wright, Chris Mann, Tommy May, Glen Fox, Ryan Cunningham, Luka Pinto, Louis Woodhead, Myles Shankie, Sam Bunton and Will Stradling. A green tea-fueled, streets-infused explosive mix!

Meanwhile, at Southbank…

Stephen Khou steals the show!

Jersey alert!

They here, they back, with Luka Pinto at the forefront! And, nope their island has not transformed in a marble paradise of sort, which does not stop them from practicing one of the most exciting skateboarding in Europe! The Subterranean heads deserve the moniker, and all your attention!

It's a Bristol thing!

Let's keep it up with what looks like a "so British"week of sorts, with this time the Bristol side of things, but with a little Jersey Island flavour –the one made famous by Luka Pinto and Glen Fox– to spice it up. Dillon Catney is in direct lineage of those two when it comes to abrupt hills, non-spots and long lines at full speed…

Jersey alert!

New remix of footage from Pillo Wheels' Connexiones, and a rather healthy dose of all things that makes the Jersey heads great… And a very last trick by Luka Pinto that is all finesse!

Southbank report!

Little session on the mythical London spot, banging atmosphere and an even more explosive Luka Pinto!

It's a Jersey thang!

Ah, Pillo Wheels! The lords of the underground… You already know of Luka Pinto and Glen Fox, but they are not the only ones on that island lost in the Channel. It looks like all the locals are cut from a similar (and baggier) cloth, in between a revival of what might have happened once in the streets of New York and a ultra modern take in approaching spots that not spots… This bonus section for their recent production Conexiones will confirm you should cope a copy of their recent DVD in order to study that little gang that stands strong, free of all modern world evils.

We've got five years, stuck on my eyes!

Five years… Now that's a load of sessions, photos, new friendships and trips! For just a handful of candles… That is exactly what Henry Kingsford must be pondering after five years of Grey, his magazine. First more London-centric and about all the scenes inhabiting the Old Smoke, the mag has soon expanded in both size and content to reach all corners of Albion, and even further, as you can see, here. And Grey being more than ink on paper, here is a mixtape of clips from all the videos they have produced over that time, putting once again the richness of British skateboarding in the spotlight, as Grey has been doing since 2010. Alright, everybody get your handkerchief out, and let's all sing along!

Straight outta Jersey!

Anchors, disjointed slabs, putty walls: nothing seems to seemingly resist those guys coming from a small Channel Island that do count –let's not forget– two of the most original skaters in Europe! JWTV reminds us that fact, and questions also the idea that Gil Scott-Heron might turn once again as the voice of a generation, this time as a posthumous one. And yes, you might have already seen that last Luka Pinto line, but could it even get old!?

Bleak, indeed!

Take the Subterranean heads to Barcelona, and they will somehow come back with a grimey as hell edit, with no sign of the sun! And that's a beautiful thing… Especially when Pinto takes off into a solo!


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