"MAGNUS" / Taipei

next stop: taipei city, the capital of taiwan, for a Magnus Bordewick still under the sharp scrutinity of Chris Mulhern's and Zander Taketomo's lenses, on video and photo duties, respectively.

As to better prepare our readers for the imminent impact of "Magnus", the Norwegian's new web video part by Chris that is soon to come out, at LIVE Skateboard we have been recounting their latest Philly adventures to you, with great help from Zander's impeccable photography, and some words from Herr Bordewick.

Now, let's focus on the next chapter of the story; taking place in a completely different location, and still featuring not just Magnus, but also another fellow Norwegian of his: Heitor Da Silva, equally teleported there and into some of the photos.

"I was blown away by Taipei.

Like anywhere in Asia, the spots are insane but in Taipei, there's almost no bust.

Definitly the easiest city to skate, in my opinion."

Magnus Bordewick

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