Megamix… 5 W's!

You have seen the trailers, but you might still wonder what exactly is Megamix… So, what to do but ask directly to the two masterminds behind this barrage of neon and techno music? Léo and Nico are neither unknown nor random, know their skateboarding, and behind all the madness, there is a plan. Get ready!


Flo Mirtain and Fred Mortagne filming. photo: Nikwen


Where are you from?
We live in Paris, where we did a skateboard magazine called Chill, a few years ago. That lasted for two years, when we were about 25, and we had a good time. Since, we have been working in other fields, but we still skate from time to time, mostly mini ramps, as you don’t have to hurt yourself too badly to have fun on those!

Why Megamix?
Because, for a mixtape of sorts that unites all the people that, for us, produce the most fun skate part in France, it seemed like a cool name. On the menu, we have Seb Daurel in Hollywood, a 1991 rave party, really cool montages by Guillaume Périmony, Pacôme Gabrillagues, Hugo Campan and Vincent Jugnet, a short by Fred Mortagne and Flo Mirtain, a really hot secretary, a puking dog, a cup-and-ball machine, a terrorist attack, sex, a razor scooter hammer, and many surprises!

 Alex PIres

Oscar Candon, hurricane in Paris. photo: Alex Pires

Who picked up the skaters?
At the beginning of the project, Arnaud Dedieu, which works with Burn, approached us to work on a skateboard video project, a bit in the spirit of the Chill video. We thought it was a great occasion to get together different crews from all over France, that we selected over the “buddy videos” they put online, and mostly over the good vibe that comes out of their productions… They each filmed and edited a part, and we created some link between all those, adding our touch. We were always in touch, and pushing them to go as far as possible in their own style…

What did you want to say with this project?
The basic idea was put the spotlight on skaters and filmmakers that produce the best montages nowadays. The kind of edits that makes you want to go out and skate for a laugh with your friends… A bit the opposite of what you would expect from an energy drink sponsored production. We wanted to develop over a full length what is great about those amateur parts that get posted online every other day, more or less full of fucking about, that end up being cooler to watch than more “professional” videos. We also wanted to get some sort of a snapshot of French skateboarding in 2012.

Which are the recent parts and videos that got you psyched?
Anything with Austyn Gillette ! And that video where the Etnies guys recreated the World Park, that was cool!

Most likely you won't be able to make it to Paris on December 18th for the premiere at Social Club but, fear not, Live will host an online one, just for you! Stay tuned for the details!


Adrien Coillard, ollie and fs pop shove-it in Lyon. photos: Nikwen

In the meantime, you can dig Filming Crazy, the video produced by Chill magazine in 2005…

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