Parisii / XVI

We only needed the XVIth arrondissement to complete the grand tour of Paris launched by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon, three years ago… Well, here it is! And it is a great episode, notably for its special guest, the most German Parisian or the most Parisian German you can find: Michael Mackrodt! And what a better mascot for Parisii, as he is the man with the most spots in mind for all of Paris, its suburbs and even a bit further than that… As for the XVIth, it is manly known for its Dôme, its steps, its ledges and marble flat now skated to pieces, and apart from that not that well explored, really. Therefore, this stood as the perfect finale for a project dedicated to stay away from Paris beaten paths. Finale? Maybe not… We will tell you more in 2016, and until now, please enjoy our gift to you, Parisii XVI, and you can now go through every single arrondissement in Paris, here!

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