Michael Mackrodt

"OSTALGHIA" / Guillaume Périmony

"OSTALGHIA" is a new edit by Guillaume Périmony, the man notably behind the notorious "Fishing Lines" clips with Michael Mackrodt, among many other productions you most definitely have encountered before browsing the Internets sometime over the past decade. Well for this one, Guillaume captured Micki again and took him to Belarus, accompanied by a certain Denny Pham (newly pro for Flip, for those who follow) and Giorgi Balkhamishvili. The spots are fresh in every possible sense of the term as most of them were nearly untouched to this day, as the country just opened its borders to foreigners without the need of a visa, facilitating access to a marble paradise. That's what's awaiting you, paired up with slick filmmaking and exotic lettering, like a sweet tender hug from good ol' Périm!

Bienvenue en banlieue!

Ahh, Parisian suburbs… A rarely tapped in potential –out of laziness as much as fear, let's be honest– despite having offered the city many a talent over the decades! This edit is celebrating them, and fact is skating is top-notch while managing to use actually good French Trap. No, really… This will get you pumped for the upcoming triptych

The Magic Number

The classic spots, the other ones hidden in back alleys, the old timers, the fresh faces, the locs and the tourists: they all here! Paris, Berlin and London are three cities more than rich in character, and this is what the De Paris Yearbook crew has been pushing on us for a couple years now, and their latest video production is in the direct logic of this editorial line. But, let's not forget that De Paris, Aus Berlin and Of London are –before all– books you will be more than happy to find on your shelves in a few years!

Mackrodt alert!

The hero of the every last Parisii episode returns with a trip to Tunisia, and guess what he did there? Yep, he filmed a full-part composed of lines only, in a few days… Now that's an explosive young dad, if we know one!

The Magic Number

Time to make some room on your shelves: De Paris Yearbook is back, still teamed up with its London sidekick, and now a Berlin based little brother! It will all be linked to a video project, and this should keep you excited about it all for a minute or two!

Haze Wheels / promo / PREMIERE

You had been warned, as discussed yesterday, Bertrand Soubrier knows how to pick'em up, and Haze Wheels confirms it here with a promo that we are more than happy to present you today, as a LIVE exclusive! From Oscar Candon to JP Villa, they got you covered, including real bits and pieces of Hugo Maillard in there… If –like us– you dig it, share with the world!

Parisii / XVI

We only needed the XVIth arrondissement to complete the grand tour of Paris launched by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon, three years ago… Well, here it is! And it is a great episode, notably for its special guest, the most German Parisian or the most Parisian German you can find: Michael Mackrodt! And what a better mascot for Parisii, as he is the man with the most spots in mind for all of Paris, its suburbs and even a bit further than that… As for the XVIth, it is manly known for its Dôme, its steps, its ledges and marble flat now skated to pieces, and apart from that not that well explored, really. Therefore, this stood as the perfect finale for a project dedicated to stay away from Paris beaten paths. Finale? Maybe not… We will tell you more in 2016, and until now, please enjoy our gift to you, Parisii XVI, and you can now go through every single arrondissement in Paris, here!

The road!

If one thing is sure, they do pretend to hit it! Beyond that, one could question the actual purpose, but this is more of a philosophical debate…

4K Mackrodt

This seems like a sweet postcard sent at the end of a short visit to good ol'California by our very own Michi! What else could you need?

Charles' tip: Michael Mackrodt!

"Twelve days in Parisian suburbs, that changes from the scenic avenues and boulevards… And when he says there is no time to waste, once again, once again this part proves he can deliver. Well, this is how Mackrodt operates…"

All Star

Just with the names appearing on the screen, you'd be convinced, but the crew did not only cruise around in that camping-car, trust us! This is heavy, in the best way possible, and the greatest spirit!

De Paris / Premiere

One year of skating in Paris to flip through: that's the idea behind De Paris, in between almanac and "yearbook"… Tonight is the first time the book will be visible, but if you couldn't book a flight in time, we got you covered: Live is exclusively premiering the part edited by Guillaume Périmony for the launch. Unseen footage only, from locals and friends, and a good idea of the general vibe going on these days in the Parisian streets…


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