Łukasz Suska


If quarantine was spent locked down on the couch for some, almost ironically, the Couch Raiders' interpretation of the situation was one less passive and more constructive - literally, as their C.E.O. and Polish filmmaker Michał Buśko of Half A Brain Productions, now residing in Manchester, U.K., involved a whole crew into building a D.I.Y. spot of their own, just around the next street corner. And what a spot! "THE SHORT HAZARD STORY" recaps the bunch of frenetic sessions that went down alongside the evolution of the project, and intertwines that footage with fun narrative elements (in a style that can be reminiscent of "BLOKES", the recent video production out of South London by Ed Hubert). Thus, it's multiple forms of grinding that's really being highlighted here, for five minutes musically orchestrated by Szwed Sed, complete with lens hits aplenty - life goes on, after all, that's for sure!

Now for even more Couch Raiders, feel free to revisit their past video output, conveniently available here!

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