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Ah, the Ruben case… The elusive one, unless maybe we’re talking around the corner of this or that random street in Milan, whose silhouette is very particularly distinguishable on skateboard and yet had never really been granted the opportunity to express himself in words in skate media up until now. Well today, here he is making both forms meet, in 5 W's form complete with skate rat wisdom and also with a brand new part, which we hope you’ll find some of your own inspiration in!


"It all started because most of the tricks I wanted to film, no filmer got too excited about filming them […]"


What prompted the idea for this part?

It all started because most of the tricks I wanted to film, no filmer got too excited about filming them; the level was not high enough and some tricks didn’t make much sense, so i bought a small camera and taped an old fisheye thatI  used as a child with friends. The effect reminded me one of the first Krooked videos “Gnar Gnar” so I started filming alone, apart from some clips that some friends filmed, i had see some clips of Doug Korfhagen filming himself and motivated me a lot.

When did you start and how long did it take ?

I started filming since it was possible to resume going out after lockdown and all was filmed in three months.

Where is the furthest from home you are in this ?

At that period we could not move too far from home. More or less everything in my area apart from a few spots. But here in Milan if you have a bike, in maximum an hour you can get anywhere.

In Paris, we talked about watching a lot of really old videos for inspiration. Who are your favorites to watch ?

The list is endless… I really like to watch Neil Blender, Scott Oster, Tim Jackson, Jason Lee, Ray Barbee and many others. For a full video, lately, I like watching G&S “FOOTAGE”. It is a masterpiece.

Why is it important for you to know about these old skaters ?

It is not important but the videos of the past make me want to go skate. Those of now they make me pass it. Every one back then had is own style and there was much     more inventiveness. Now the tricks are always the same, there are those who do the trick they did on the ledge down from rails, there are those that make it higher, longer from more stairs but they are always the same, in fact i really appreciate the Japanese skaters who have a creative mind are really years ahead, they make me want to have fun and express myself, they are artists i don’t know how they come up with certain tricks, geniuses!

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