It is official; Toulouse is the capitol of French skateboarding… With a local son of the caliber of Lucas Puig, they had some good base, but let’s list all the other pluses of the local scene:
In the last two years, Toulouse has grow a flourishing scene, mixing great skateboarders with a desire to keep things interesting by themselves, and for themselves, treating us in the meantime. Hence a local video (Kurd Are My Heroes) that managed to be discussed worldwide, a DIY spot that finally put to death the popular belief that you have to listen bad metal to make good concrete, a hat company for the homies that has made more waves than many big budget corporations, and also the rise of multi talented individuals like the kings of the corrosive remix Hugo Campan and Reda Taoussi, and even a filming and editing Lucas Puig, like here.
The only minor setback, so far, being that skating in pink short swimming short à la Brian Bunting hasn’t spread through the catwalks spots yet… Too advanced? Coming near you this summer? Until then, let’s hope vintage salsa tracks will have become the modern KRS One song that fits any good taste skate montage…

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