"MAGNUS" / Tokyo

Fourth installment in the series of Zander Taketomo's photo galleries pertaining to Magnus Bordewick's filming trips all across the world in the company of Chris Mulhern and his trustworthy video camera happens to be devoted to, literally, the Eastern Capital: Tokyo Metropolis.

For more still glimpses of exotic destinations, the ground of which was covered by the effervescent trio, make sure to check the past three photo galleries, respectively here, here and here.

Stay tuned for even more; in the meantime, do yourself a favor and go back to yesterday's update to watch the resulting video piece for Adidas, appropriately entitled "Magnus"!

"Tokyo is a crazy place. We tried a lot of new food where sometimes I had no idea it was, and got kicked out of pretty much every spot we skated.

A lot of good memories from this trip though, the boys took me to karaoke for my birthday and we had a lot of fun.

I remember I tried a trick at a spot for a while and the police showed up on their bikes, and I tried it one last time with the whole police bike squad there and figured everybody was ready to run away to avoid getting a ticket so I just took off.

What I didn't think about was that there was too much camera equipment for many of the others to just run away, so they all ended up getting arrested and brought to the police station for interrogation!

Luckily, they got back later that evening without even getting tickets, but I definitely caused some long hours at the police station for the crew...  And I didn't even get the trick!

Sorry boys!"

Magnus Bordewick

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