Meeting… Zach Lyons!

Magenta skateboards keep on picking up steam its own way, adding skaters that you would not necessarily expect, but then make absolute sense once they are on… Could that be the key to keep us interested?
Today the France based company announced they just recruited someone you might have guessed if you e-followed their recent adventures in Japan. Nonetheless, Zach is definitely a lord of the underground, so might as well fire some questions his way. I’m sure you wouldn’t have guessed the answers beforehand. We didn’t…

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

 Jean Feil

Photo: Jean Feil

If you had to describe yourself briefly for a job interview, what would you say?
I don't know much about anything other than skateboarding, and I hate working with a passion!

Is it safe to say you grew up skating Pulaski, in Washington DC? How much has that spot shaped the skater you are, do you think?
I didn't start skating Pulaski a lot till I was around 17, but I feel like it was very decisive to who I am as a skater, now. Through skating there, I learned so much about skate ethic, how to take getting hazed, making friends with skaters from very different walks of life, endless games of skate, and so on… I'm very lucky that I was able to have that, and I feel like having a central downtown spot/plaza is one thing that is really lacking from most US cities these days.

What register under “skate ethic”, for you, actually?
What I mean by skate etiquette is learning to respect the skate spot, not putting stickers up all over the place or leaving trash everywhere, doing whatever you can not to make it more of a bust than it already is. And learning to respect other skaters, trying not to get in the way, or show someone up, basically not being a kook.

Is it mandatory in DC to 270 out of every trick to acknowledge Chris Hall's heritage?
Not necessarily 270s but 360 shove-its and lots of flat ground, yes.

What prompted your moving to San Francisco?
I needed a change, and to get out of the winter for a few months, which is ironic because the weather was surprisingly good on the East Coast this winter. But it wasn't a permanent move, I'm back East, now.

 Ben Gore

Fontside nose grind in San Francisco. Photo: Ben Gore

Was it a shock to get used to the hills?
It wasn't a shock because I never got used to them hills! I'm a pussy when it comes to hills, I was glad to find out that Vivien Feil and I were on the same page with that.

How did you find out about Magenta's existence?
Well, I've been a fan of Soy and Vivien’s skating through our mutual friend Mark Nickels. He showed me some stuff he had filmed with them, years ago, and I have been watching them like an eagle ever since.

When did you start thinking about maybe riding for them? And then, what was the connection?
Well, I was board sponsor-less for a while, and realized there really wasn't much out there in terms of board sponsors that I was into. My friend Evan Kinori had brought up the idea of me skating for Magenta, whom I already was a really big fan of, so Evan talked to Vivien, and Leo Valls and I started skating together a lot since he was also staying in SF for the winter. Then, after meeting everyone, I realized that I couldn't imagine skating for anyone else.

What were the reactions in the States when you mentioned you might want to skate for Magenta?
All my friends couldn't have been happier for me, and thought it was a perfect fit!

You're just back from a couple weeks with the whole crew in Japan… Are you sure you still want to do this!?
Three and a half weeks! [Laughter] Yeah, the trip was amazing! Like I said I couldn't imagine being anywhere else at this point…

Who is the worst roommate, out of the whole team, and why?
Well, Sexy Soy apparently snores really bad but I, somehow, never heard it. Yoan also snores but has so much bass in his voice, it actually sounds really really nice! I wish I had recorded it so I could listen to it every night, now.

When can we expect you skating the streets of Europe?
In September, I can't wait!

Do you have a question for us, European skaters?
Are you guys ready for me to lay a beat down on all of your spots, American style!? Just kidding… [Laughter]

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