Meeting… Jason Dill!

portraits: Curtis Buchanan

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

"Nothing's shocking"

In between starting his board company with Anthony Van Engelen, the soon to be released "cherry" –the Supreme video that seems to regroup a good part of "the F.A. Kids" as everybody calls the younger part of his team, and his radical art direction, Dill is the center of many a discussion these days, so sending a few questions his way made sense, plus you know he is not the kind to tick over quick bland answers.
Proof here!

One song that sums up your mood, right now…

One song that could work as a Fucking Awesome anthem?

You and AVE were really proud of being part of the Workshop… Was starting your own thing a spur of the moment reaction, or the result of a long reflection?

What inspires you, on a daily basis?

How does that transfer to having ideas for F.A.?

What comes first for you, shock value or aesthetics, when it comes to F.A.?

Do you still shoot a lot of photography, and use them for Fucking Awesome?

I know you have been taking picture for a long time… When did you start really getting into it?

Kareem Campbell and Sean Sheffey, Europe, 1994, or 1995…

Keith Hufnagel, Carl Shipman and Gino Iannucci.

Gino Iannucci, Keith Hufnagel, Matt Reason and Ricky Oyola.

Speaking of bizarre childhood, how does the life of the F.A. Kids compare to yours at their age, you think?

What is the latest record you've bought, or CD?

What is going on with the radio show? What are you trying to convey with it?

Describe your daily routine, in L.A…

What does a F.A. meeting looks like?

If you could pick one rider, from the whole history of skateboarding, to ride for Fucking Awesome, who would that be?

Someone somewhere, most likely the internet, called Kevin Terpening "the White Ray Barbee"… What do you make of that?

Is "cherry" going to be the Trilogy of its generation?

Kevin Terpening is the first person you turn pro, with Fucking Awesome… Care to elaborate on why?

You can –and should– check out Fucking Awesome Radio, over here, and if, somehow, you had missed out on the discussed Terp edit, well, here it is:

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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