Gino Iannucci

15 years…

From the effortless talent of the late Lewis Marnell to tech smoothitude of Richard Mulder, one can only try to ponder THE backside 360 ollie that did shift the general direction of street skating, back when… Seriously.


Could this be a hint of the possibility of a certain trophy for Mister Van Engelen? Should the switch back lip be the cool trick of the year to come? What exact characteristic of Harvey Keitel's genitalia is unbearable to Thrasher to the point of having to censor it? So many questions, such little bandwidth to answer them all…


For those who haven't figured yet why Gino has joined Fucking Awesome… 101 reasons, buddy.

Fear of a flat planet

Base of all basics, "flat" as its called is what allows you to learn, practice, and then develop your street tricks, to finally adapt them to urban landscapes… It is also an art form of its own, often neglected, somehow! Little compilation of defining moments of the "flatland" game over the years. This selection might shock the younglings, and also forgets many important figures, but it still is a great reminder.

Meeting… Jason Dill!

He doesn't do anything like others, and he was not going to change that for us…

Le Gino, le remix!

They sureley were not the first to come up with the idea, at Brick Harbor, but at least they had access to the best image quality possible … Here, one minute and a half of Gino, and hours of dicussions possible on your favourite forum!


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