"Plus Belle La HY" / PREMIERE

If you regularly read LIVE Skateboard Media or just follow the French underground skate scene in general, then you should be familiar with the entity or at least the name HY Skate Bag; LIVE even interviewed Paul Austin about the brand and its previous video offering "Par HY", a few months back.

"Plus Belle La HY" is - you guessed it - the title of their newest one, featuring Constantin Delmas, Fred Plocque-Santos, Pierre Leze, Pako Pion, Matt Débauché, Antoine Roussel, Léo Cholet, Florian Merten, PJ Chapuis, Victor Cascarigny, Matisse Banc, Nassim Lachab, Ben Raitano, Victor Campillo, Leezola and Paul himself (small roster...), hereby documented on a week-long skate holiday to Marseille.

Matisse Banc, backside lipslide. Ph.: Clément Chouleur

And just as it sounds like we could all use this type of sun ray sometime, the aforementioned Paul Himself decide to contribute to the warmth by chiming in!

"We got to introduce ourselves to you back in February already. Us? HY Skate Bag, a Bordeaux-based soft goods brand specializing in practical accessories. It's been almost a year already - time to come back!

Paul, kickflip. Ph.: Clément Chouleur

We have three new colorways out just now, just put up our website and dropped a limited edition collab with French rapper Lomepal, so last October we figured we very well just might be able to handle a skate break...

'Plus Belle La HY' is a postcard we wrote in six days spent in Marseille.

PJ Chapuis, crooked grind. Ph.: Clément Chouleur

A heavy crew, some new heads, to (re-)discover a city as famous for its pastis as it is for its skate spots and scene!

To mark the occasion, we're also dropping 'Basile', a brand new bag designed after the local football (the real kind) club!"

- Paul Austin

Victor Campillo, frontside five-o. Ph.: Clément Chouleur
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