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All photos courtesy of Push Periodical and Richard Hart
In a day and age where the act of skateboarding is thrown at us constantly through an endless flood of moving images, starting a print project pretending to document the same activity might seem optimistic, to say the least… Unless Richard Hart (of Howard House fame) IS trying to convey something else, that is!

Why start a print publication in 2015, on your own?
Extreme board sports are a rapidly growing demographic. I dunno, I thought it was pure foolishness to make a magazine in this day and age, but then I promptly sold them all. It seems print isn't dead after all, it's just a bit knackered.

Ben Gore, kickflip.

Where did the name come from?
Belgium in the 90's, apparently. Although I never saw that one. But that's partly why I added the 'Periodical' part, just in case. That, and the fact that it saves me from having to adhere to any set release schedule: it'll come out periodically. The word 'Push', though, not only relates to skating –and decidedly not the electric skateboards that are currently infesting SF–, but also to film photography; the practice of 'pushing' film. Having a print magazine with photos shot on film seems logical to me, just like digital photos for web seems logical.

Tobin Valverde, smith grind.

When did you first get interested in documenting skateboarding?
When I started skating, back in the 1800's, it seemed to me that roles weren't so defined and that skating was full of these wonderful, creative personalities who not only skated but also made art, shot photos, had weird clothing companies or whatever… I started shooting and writing because it was another facet to skateboarding. It seemed like I could, so I did. Thanks TLB at RAD magazine and Lance Dawes at Slap, for proving me right. You can do it too!

Matt Field, handplant kickflip.

Who is the most exciting skater in the streets of SF these days, at least according to you?
Barlow for President, 2016.

Al Davis, pole jam.

What does the future holds for Push?
Cardigan collabs! I went into this knowing I had enough stuff for two issues, but not really anticipating making more than one. I have been amazed and reassured by the response so far, so I will soldier tentatively on. I'm trying not to think too far ahead; I don't want things to get stale, or for Push to turn into an energy drink advert. I have a lot of very talented friends that I am forcing to contribute, and I have a few ideas and potential future trips but, basically, I'm playing it by ear. I'm just making a magazine on my own terms with the content that I would like to see and read. That's it.

You can now cope issue 1 of Push Periodical, through Palomino, Magenta, and stock it in your shop through Rock Solid and Pier Distribution.

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