Tobin Valverde

Better late than never…

Because, well, yes, that new Yoan Taillandier edit is made of footage filmed in San Francisco five years ago, but the great thing about skateboarding, just like for wine, is that it ages well, and even often really well. Well, unless you are on team managing duties… One will notably note what could almost make a full part of James Coleman and his signature powerful yet flowing style.

Rising sun dreams…

Going to Japan to skate is one thing. Going to Japan to skate, and more, with the locals is another… Off course, The Northern Co. heads have genuine friends to visit over there, and you can feel it right away… The result is that, from San Francisco hills to Osaka train station, you can feel how at home they are, with many homies that rip just as much as they do!

Tobin Valverde

Like all the homies at The Northern, Tobin is into well thought out, and smoothly executed lines, while not just sticking to the "basics", and this super well put together edit will put you instantly in the mood to go have a look at what might be happening in the streets this autumn!

North of the border

As seen in the recent issue of Push Periodical, the homies at The Northern Co. take on Los Angeles, and do it their way… A great collection of spots found along the less traveled sidewalks. Skated the way we all dig!

Northern City

Our buddies from The Northern Co. just sent some news from their most recent NYC escapade, and by looking at their clothes, it was still summer then, which allowed them to skate with many, locals or tourists… Yep, good stuff, street stuff, great street skating, as you would expect from them!

Portland Excursion

Once again, The Northern Co. do it right, with the kind of trip to Portland you would have loved to share with them, in between camping, woods exploration and stimulating street furniture. They just have it figured out! Let's note, once again, the explosive smoothness of Jameel Douglas!

Push Periodical / 5 W's!

Richard Hart is the brain and eye behind a new skateboard print thing, called Push Periodical, and we thought this was forth some questions!

The Northern West

At The Northern Co., they know how put a smile on our face, that's for sure, and this new edit is in the same vein at the previous ones, in its form and content: timeless and "classic" street skating, in the best sense possible. And the new addition, Jameel Douglas follows that path, mixing the last three decades of skateboarding that have happened in San Francisco. Ideal with a large coffee!

Cosmic sounds

Always a good pick, the SF Treat edits stand out by its selection of riders not necessarily under the spotlight, but that still handle their business when it comes to tame the less traveled back streets of San Francisco… Proof, here, from the very first line!

Northern Soul

The "SF Treat" edits are always tasteful and tasty, that you already know, and if this is one is announced as a special around the SF chapter of The Northern Co, you will know right away that you are in for a great watch, and will not be proved wrong… A great reminder that you should read an interview of the two founders of the American independent brand by the good people at Palomino!

The Northern Co. Summer NYC / premiere

As announced yesterday, by Tim Dodson's Galerie, we are premiering the latest edit from the good people at The Northern Co., shot and cut this summer in New York City by Colin Read. The young brand, The Northern Co., also introduces here their new rider, and you should dig his versatile talents!

The Northern Co. / Summer NYC / galerie

An exciting visual appetizer to the Premiere of the newest edit from The Northern Co., by the one and only Colin Read!

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