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You would have met  him, just like us, pushing around the French capitol streets, via the Parisii edits, which he was one of the main alumni for, before having to let him move him back to San Francisco, where he quickly realized his dream of creating clothing that goes a step or two further the yet genius enough concept of slapping a skull of sorts over a t-shirt produced in the Third World… Yes, Evan Kinori is a fashion designer, sailing his little boat in the exact direction he chose. Which does not stop us from being the of skater you would to share a session with, whether in Paris or S.F. as proved here, through the magic eye of Zach Chamberlin

learn way more about Evan, here, thanks to this interview done by our colleagues at Theories!


A great idea from our friends at Push Periodical, with this Zach Chamberlin edit compiling the best possible way the footie from all the inanimate images seen in the latest issue of the magazine! Be ready for a casting of more or less all our (and your) favorites!


One would know since Color Fools, the themed parts are a nightmare to get done, and this roughly from the fifth filmed trick or so… The undeniable talents of Ben Gore were an obvious asset, but in all seriousness, the concept of only skating two wheeled vehicles, only as they were found in the streets, on top of it, might be the worst great idea of all times. But, he just powers through a full-part, even getting a couple Harleys in the mix, and this only minutes from where the Hells Angels were started. Respect. And another reason to cope Bright Moments!

Edit: the part was already out, but on a "less free" player, plus it is one of those that actually deserve repeat!


Where to start? Quim Cardona, as seen by Colin Read… One of the most probable parts from recent masterpiece Spirit Quest, one of the most well put together share part of all times, an insane compilation of some the illest front shoves… Ah, nothing to add, just watch! And watch again!

Field trip!

If you remember his interview in issue 1 of Push Periodical, you know he came back from far away, and for the best, as seen here…


Bright Moments

If you have missed the Paris and Marseille premieres, here is enough to get you amped! Bright Moments, the new Zach Chamberlin is now available here and should be your summer investment! Hours of fun analyzing crazy lines around SF and the rest of the world, and to wonder when imagining the filer's skills, also… Guaranteed!

Push Periodical / 5 W's!

Richard Hart is the brain and eye behind a new skateboard print thing, called Push Periodical, and we thought this was forth some questions!

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