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Ruben Spelta / 5 W's!

Ah, the Ruben case… The elusive one, unless maybe we’re talking around the corner of this or that random street in Milan, whose silhouette is very particularly distinguishable on skateboard and yet had never really been granted the opportunity to express himself in words in skate media up until now. Well today, here he is making both forms meet, in 5 W's form complete with skate rat wisdom and also with a brand new part, which we hope you’ll find some of your own inspiration in!

Our house

The "skate house"… Absolute fantasy at the times of adolescence, quasi night-mare when the "age of reason" arrives, that very idea entered the collective consciousness of skateboarding in 1989, to be precise, via one particular part of Ban This, that –off course– featured Lance Mountain and Neil Blender. In 2016, the dream is still very alive, even if often reduced to "the skaters appartement". Living in Rennes, a smaller town, the Tonic guys are under a slightly less rent pressure, and managed to reach the Graal: The House! You know them already: you can imagine what they get up to in there! One question remains: what is their collectively favorite brand of cereals? Oh, what the hell to they spike it with!???

The original

As many a sponsored skater discover –surprise, surprise!– his inner artist (ouch!), and is often seen slashing crails on friendly skateparks around the world, it seemed important to remind you all that without Neil Blender, many things might be completely different! But, beware, the only thing you should emulate from Neil is that you are allowed to do whatever you want, including developing a weird monster detached from everything current in skateboarding that will eventually be Alien Workshop!

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