Jason Lee

Catching up

All right, everybody, get your pen out and take notes! So, in 1994, the relatively young brand Stereo Skateboards was dropping its first full-length, in the direct line of its magazine advertising and board graphics, in between a vintage imagery and a full on jazz soundtrack, a first in skateboarding. Rubbing the –rather tech– times the wrong way (or the right?), A Stereo Sound was putting style, flowing in the city, and once again style, before all. The line-up was quite perfect for this, with a young Ethan Fowler filming his part in a couple weeks or a Jason Lee, not an actor yet, at the peak of the art of flipping his board the backside way. Everything else is in the same vein, with notably a Mike Dasher whose skateboarding has not aged one bit, and the integration of the photography of Ari Marcopoulos and Tobin Yelland that help the video turn into way more than a collection of footage put together. A classic, for real.


So, in 1994, some skaters were hauling ass, filming themselves on Super 8, taking analog pictures of each other and, mainly, mainly, were skating with absolute class… Funny, that reminds us of something… What you think? For the younglings, this footage is coming from A Visual Sound, the Stereo Skateboards very first full length, mostly shot on film and containing a part that should be studied over and over by any street skater of any era: the one of Mike Daher.

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