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According to the word of Guatemalan skate filmmaker, photographer and overall documentarist Gerardo Sosa, "la yapa" means "the bonus": that free sample at the counter, the extra cheese thrown in for free by the cook with a quick wink of the eye, the complementary sheet of grip tape at the skateshop from your homie who works there when the boss isn't looking. Anyway, it's already been a year since LIVE interviewed Gerardo regarding "SITUACIÓN DE CALLE", his independent full-length video showcasing the scene in Argentina and, as to duly celebrate this anniversary, today, the man is dropping a new edit: "LA YAPA" is, as you might have figured out by now, a bunch of unused footage and extras from "SITUACIÓN DE CALLE", compiling many an otherwise seldom seen colorful spot and style within eleven minutes of quality H.D. footage. And one can even follow Gerardo and his next video peregrinations on Instagram, too, here!

"Situación de Calle" / Gerardo Sosa / INTERVIEW

One seldom gets to hear about a full-length skate video exporting itself straight out of Argentina, embracing the wider world with only due audacity. If spots have been the prey of skate tourism for a long time and some key names might have crossed the border a few times, local productions are generally underrepresented in worldwide scale media, which obviously led to the question - what is up with the scene over there?

The release of Gerardo Sosa's new film, "Situación de Calle", was the perfect opportunity to catch up with an activist familiar with that very subject, and who also turned out to be more than keen to cover it for us, in this passionate 5W's!

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