Sean Sebastian

Malacca alert!

Most anyone having been following the worldwide independent skate scene (or maybe even LIVE!) probably hasn't escaped the heat of Jakarta, Indonesia-based Malacca Skateboards' boiling steam from the past couple of years; if you're one exception, though, we can only recommend you to catch up via "KHIDMAT" or "MALACCA 2020", both remarkable video pieces at the time and now still, in terms of both quality and inspiration. It seems to be the posse's default mode to honor their local spots with some particularly intense care, energy and a very certain lean towards fine taste.

This new no-less-than-a-full-length, "SELEKTA", only confirms such an impression; once again handicrafted by the Malaka Sari Film Production crew. The soundtrack too is typically Indonesian; a slice of culture one owes to Diskoria Selekta, also justifying the project title! Roughly twenty minutes of VX and exposed film that are bound to take you on a trip - at least to your own next spot, if anywhere.

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