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"VELVET" / Spencer Legebokoff / INTERVIEW

Spencer Legebokoff has been shooting skate photos and videos in Canada for a long time now, but especially got his name out there on the international scale a fistful of years ago with « WALTZ » - an edit filmed around his region of origin that is West Kootenay, British Columbia - which he submitted and came to showcase at the 2018 edition of Vladimir Film Festival, the now classic independent event and cultural phenomenon occuring yearly thanks to the passion-driven locals of Fažana, Croatia. Being the uplifting experience it's really crafted to be, Spencer then came back home inspired to fully pursue his own vision in his skate filmmaking and what logically ensued is this new piece: « VELVET », a video willing to lean towards a more contemplative direction - but not at the expense of some great, sincere local skateboarding - which we are happy to bring you today, alongside a full interview with Spencer himself regarding the project, just below!


"Waltz" is a local, experimental montage by Spencer Legebokoff delivered all the way from Canada - its West Kootenay region to be more accurate, just up North of Washington in the U.S, with the exception of some tricks filmed in Seattle and Vancouver. Geography lessons aside, it's a tight little local clip featuring plenty of unseen non-spots, and some good tunes to get your Friday morning started just right!

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