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Canadian art

Decidedly, people are skating hard in Canada these days. Antosh Cimszoko brought out the camera so that we could enjoy the talent of his fine crew. Everything seems so simple, the tricks slide without problems one after the other. Although, special mention for the last line of Tyler Warren.

Clubbing TV

Your favorite Canadians on the dance floor are back, popping and locking that raw raw street stuff, in their 100% acrílico uniform. Good trending, but just good good stuff we tell ya!


Dam, that Antosh dude just got it… Just as all his Canadian buddies do! The elders amongst us will recognize that one double-set to skate the wrong way, and feel good about that that. As for the younglings, they will just love this, and for a reason!

Apple blues

"Another New-York brand?" You're going to tell me… Sure, but it's not coming out of nowhere, as it is the new project of the guy behind the Lurknyc edits. And it is off to a good start, here, with a team you can only appreciate for its take of busy sidewalks. You already know Will Blakley, for the good reasons, and you will also meet Mark Poole that manages, here, to turn the flatland fake flip into a rather hazardous activity!


From the fit galore to the ironic, but not really, soundtrack, one could almost smile at the display of cool, but, end of the day, the skateboarding is simply undeniable! Looks like Canada is on its way to follow through with its domination of all trends in 2016!


The Club Gear squad is back, and throw it down! Those Canadians have been on to something, lately, uh!?

Side 2

Some news from Vancouver, the proof that you can now do two back smith in a row in a line, and the discovery that Palace has forced fed house music into the collective psyche of skateboarders around the world… Could Carl Cox rise to a Black Sabbath status in Skateboarding Top 100!?

Youth of Today

But, the kids, what do they want!? Well, this… Let's give a special mention to Will Blakely and his switch slappy fs crooks flip out, amongst other great things!


This young Canadian got a few surprises up his sleeves, including some manuals at unexpected moments!

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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